2019 Breeding Schedule

GCH Poppy Patch LM Red Red Rose VVVE89
Kidded 2/16/21 - Quads (2 bucks, 2 does)

Possible Sires:

Camanna AH Jonquil Gold Heart

Elfin Acres Z Buckwheat

Leisure Time ZZ All Dressed Up

This is probably Rose's last breeding before retirement so I just tossed her in the buck pen & let her have some fun! Kids will be DNA tested to confirm sire. Rose is a finished champion who has won 6 Best of Breed awards so far & a Best in show as a dry yearling.

Cou Clair possible

 2 Does:Both likely retained, 1 may be available $1,000
 2 Bucks:  $700-$950 1 may be retained

 Discount to performance homes

 Reservations/waiting List:

Sapphire Moon KB Sydney x Sapphire Moon Burning Hearts
Due 3/15/21


I am expecting Sydney to be a really good milker like her mom Willow, and Maternal sister Shasta. Sydney is a nice little doe who looks very much like her mom. I am looking forward to having another Willow daughter on milk test this year. Burning Hearts (Burnie) is a nice looking young buck out of GCH Poppy Patch LM Red Red Rose & Camanna AH Jonquil Gold Heart. These should be really nice kids!

 Does: $350-$500
 Bucks: n/a
 Wethers: $125

Sapphire Moon JGH Marigold x Leisure Time ZZ All Dressed Up
Due 3/25/21


All Dressed Up
(Photo courtesy of Highland Ranch Dairy Goats)

I am really excited about this cross. Marigold has been a favorite since the second she hit the ground. And I am lucky enough to have a great friend that let me use her beautiful new buck! Thank you Becky at Double Helix Dairy Goats for letting Leisure Time ZZ All Dressed Up visit Marigold & Rose! All Dressed Up is very structurally correct & already has 2 daughters with Jr CH legs

 Does:  $450-$650
 Bucks:  $450-$650
 Wethers: $125